How can we help you? 

Contact Us if your question is not here.

I can't log in?

There are two reasons. You either took your profile offline, or you will need to reset your password. If you took your profile offline, contact us so that we can reactivate your profile. Click here to contact us. 

I lost my password, help!

Click here to reset your password. 

How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

Normally within the hour of signup. We approve profiles 7 days a week from 8:00 A.M MST - 11:00 PM MST.

Is Western Match free? 

There are many free features on WesternMatch. The best free feature is you may read your mail free. You may also use the chat rooms free and send free flirts to see if a member is interested before upgrading your account. For full access to all features, simply upgrade your account and become a gold member.

What is a gold membership? (Serious Member Status)
A gold membership signifies that you are a serious member. Those that are upgraded have the gold horseshoe attached to their profile. A gold membership allows for full access to all features of the service. Features include sending, reading and replying to mailbox messages. Sending virtual gifts, and instant one on one chat with other gold members. Members are more confident in communicating with Gold members. 

Why did my profile get deleted?

Profiles are manually approved before they go live on the site. Your profile most likely did not meet our approval process. Make sure your IP address matches the location in your profile. Make sure you complete as much of your profile as possible. If for any reason your profile does not appear legitimate, we're sorry we will remove it.

I am serious about meeting someone, how do I let others know?

Click here to get a serious member status by upgrading your account. The gold horse shoe in your profile indicates that you are serious about meeting someone and not just a lookie loo. Members feel more confident in communicating with upgraded members.

How do I change my main photo?

Go to "my profile" to upload or change your main photo. To change your main photo, simply delete or upload a new photo over the existing photo (refresh the page). Go to "my pictures" to upload the remainder of profile photos.

Is your site secure?

Yes! Just click on the lock icon located in the address bar to view the security measures of this website.

How do I change my email address and password?

Go to "my account". Enter the new information and click submit.

What payment methods do you accept for a gold membership? (with or without a PayPal account).

Credit cards - Visa, Discover, or Master Card through

Pre-paid Visa. If you do not have a credit card, you may purchase a pre-paid credit Visa card from your financial institution and use the balance from the card to purchase your membership.

Note: The key to using any prepaid Visa card for online purchases is that it must be registered under your name and billing address because the payment processor requires this information, as well as the three digit CVV code on the back, for identity verification. Visa prepaid cards are debit cards and not credit cards, so it's just like using cash to shop online because you don't pay any interest. Contact your financial institution to purchase a pre paid Visa card. You may also use the balance on a pre-paid Visa to ad funds to your PayPal account.

Why do i see duplicate messages when sending messages?
Please use the Google "Chrome" browser. It seems "Microsoft Edge" is causing duplicate messages.


Why aren't there more matches when I do a search?

When doing a search and if you don't find many results, use less of a search criteria. For example, just search by State and age. You should in most cases retrieve more results rather then searching for a particular City.


Why did my profile get deleted?

WM will delete your profile if it appears to be a fake profile or if your IP address does not match the profile location. To avoid be deleted from the system, we advise that you complete your profile when you first sign up and upload accurate information including a valid email address.

I didn't receive my welcome registration email?

Check your spam folder and then include to your email contact list. This way you will be sure to receive future notifications from our system. 


How do I cancel my upgraded membership? 

Note: We do not auto bill memberships. Once it expires, your account will convert back to a free membership. You may upgrade again at anytime.  

Why upgrade my account?

Upgrading your account allows for you to have full access to all features of our service. Upgrading your account shows that you are a serious member.

1.) Upload 10 photos instead of 2
2.) Send Virtual Gifts
3.) One on one real time chat
4.) Serious member status (gold horseshoe)
5.) Reply to flirts
6.) Send mail

I upgraded my account but it still shows that I am a standard member?

There may be two reasons. You may have not clicked on the "finalize payment" link after the payment was made. Please contact us so that we can manually update your account. Secondly, if you paid by echeck, it can take 3-5 days for the check to clear. Once the check has cleared, your account will show as being a gold member.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards through, and PayPal.

I received a message and when I click on the username, it says "member not found"?"

That usually means the member has either taken their profile offline, or the profile has been removed from the system.

How do I buy another member a membership?
Once you select your payment option on the next page there will be a link that says:
Would you like to make this purchase as a gift to someone? Click here!


What steps do you take to keep scammers from using the site?

Discouraging scammers is one of our top priorities. We care about your experience on our service and take reasonable steps to prevent scammers from joining. Although no service can be 100% free from scammers, we do our best. Each profile is approved by administration prior to going live on the site. It is however possible that a scammer can slip by our approval process. Members may report anyone who they feel is suspicious by clicking on the "report" link at the bottom of the members profile. Please use common sense. Don't rush of the site to communicate, don't rush into a relationship and PLEASE do not give or lend anyone money. It's that simple. Read our dating tips.

How do I report an inappropriate member?

On the bottom of the members profile you may submit a report by selecting the issue from the drop menu. If none of the selection applies, you may contact us through the contact form. Please be specific with your complaint.

What does the red dot mean next to the members username?

This means the member is either online or has been online within the past hour.

How do I know how many views my profiles has?

The views count is located at the bottom of your profile page. Views only count when someone actually opens your full profile.

Where do i post the remainder of my photos?

To post a main photo go to "my profile". To post the remainder of photos to your profile, go to "my pictures".

Where do I post my success story?

Contact us here. Select "success story" from the drop menu. We would love to hear from you about how you met your Western Match. Please include a brief paragraph along with a photo. Thank you!

Why does my profile say pending approval?

Once you create your profile it must be approved by administration before it goes live on the site. This is a one time process. Profile approvals are usually quick, but depending on what time you joined, it could be as long as 12 hours before your profile is approved. We are located in Arizona, MST. In the meantime, you can upload photos and complete your profile and save members to your favorites list.

I don't want to be notified every time i receive mail, what can i do?

If you do not want your email flooded with messages or flirts, go to "my account" and select "notifications". Check the options on how you would like to be notified.

Why doesn't my profile show 100% complete when i completed it?

If you didn't upload any photos in the "my picture" section of the site, the profile meter will not show 100%. You may want to check your profile again, there may be just one field that you did not complete.

I don't want anyone to see I viewed their profile, what can i do?

If you view the members full profile, the member will see you on their "who viewed me" list. That is a good thing and gives your profile more exposure.

How do I change my email address or password?

Click on "my account" located on the left menu to change your email address or password. Make sure your password is not too easy to guess. Passwords such as cowboy or horses, is not recommended. Someone can easily compromise your account.

How do i delete my profile?

Log into your account. 
Click here to have your profile deleted from our system. From the contact form, select "delete profile" from the drop menu. Please allow up to 24 hours for your profile to be deleted.

How do I take my profile offline?

Click here to go to your account page. Towards the bottom of the page you will see "who can view my profile or go offline". From the drop menu, select "go offline". 

What does it mean to go offline and how to i get back online?

Your profile will remain in our database, but nobody will be able to view your profile. Let's say you need to take a month off, you can do so without deleting your profile or gold membership. Once you take your profile offline, you will not be able to log back in until you contact us first so that we can reactivate it. This is to prevent members from continuously taking their profile on and offline. 

What will happen to my gold membership if I go offline?

Your profile will remain as a gold member but the clock keeps ticking.

Can I change my username?

Changing your username would cause confusion among members you have been in communication with, therefore the only way to change your username would be to delete your profile and create a new one. Please choose wisely. 

How do I block or unblock a member? 

Open the members full profile by clicking on the "view profile" link. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile until you see the "block member" link. Once you block a member, they will no longer be able to send you messages or flirts. To unblock a member, go to the "blocked members" page under "my network">"blocked members" and click "remove" next to the member's profile you would like to unblock.

How do I report a member?

Open the members full profile by clicking on the "view profile" link. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile until you see the "report member" link. Select a reason for your report and click submit. A report will be sent to administration. We will review your complaint and contact you if we have further questions.

Where is the last login date?

Members who haven't logged into the system in for example 6 months, may have less a chance of members messaging them, while all along, they are still interested in meeting someone. Some members rely on our email notifications to check mail, therefore we have decided to not show the last log in date.  


Where do I upload the remainder of my photos?

The main photo must be uploaded in the "my profile" section of the site. All the other photos will be under "my pictures". The main photo is the very first photo members see, and the photo that shows up in the search results.

Why were my photos removed?

Please check our photo guidelines. No clipart, quotes, cartoons, sexual, shirtless photos, etc. In other words, please upload good quality photos of yourself only in your profile. We reserve the right to remove any photo we deem unfit.

I can't upload photos?

The system only allows certain size images and file types. Anything over 2500 pixels will receive an error message. If you receive a resize error message, you will need to resize your image. File types permitted are .jpg and .png. You can use any image resizing software. Try


What is a flirt?

Not sure what to say? Send a flirt. A flirt is a pre-written text message that you can send free to members to let them know that you are interested. Go ahead and send one to see what type of response you receive. 

What is a gift?

A virtual gift is nice way to let someone special know that you are interested. You can choose from many virtual gifts such as a dozen roses, a cup of coffee, or a box of chocolates.  

How do I delete flirts, gifts and messages?

There is a check box next to each item. You may delete one at a time or all at once. To delete all, simply select the check box next to the "sender" at the top of the page. This will place a check next to each item. Next click "delete selected".

What is the golden horseshoe in the member's profile?

The golden horseshoe signifies the member is an upgraded member.

What is the horse whinny?

When you hear the horse whinny, that means a member wants to chat one on one in real time. You may turn this sound on or off by clicking on the small wheel icon on the bottom right hand corner of the scree. If you are a standard member, you will not see this icon, it is a gold member feature. 

What is "chat now" in the members profile?

"Chat now" is real time one on one chat and only available to gold members.

How can I remove the red "online now" status?

Click on the small wheel icon located on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Select "invisible". This will remove the red "online now" status so that nobody can request a one on one chat with you. This is a gold member feature.


How do I search for members?

There are three different search options. There's the Quick Search box located on the left menu of the desktop version. This option allows you to search just by State, gender and age. Second option - Click on the search link located at the top menu. This will pull up the regular search page. This option allows you to search by City, State, members with photos only or by a members username. You may also save this search and name the search for future use. The third option is the "Advanced Search". Click on the "advanced tab" in the search form. The advanced search will allow you to search all fields in a profile. Please keep in mind, that not all members completely fill out their profile and you may pull up less results.

Save Searches: This is a great feature that will save you time. Let's save you have an advanced search that you don't want to fill out each time you come to the site to look for members. At the bottom of the search page before you click the submit button, you have the option to name the search and retrieve it later from the "saved searches" tab located on the search form.

Who's Online: These are members that are currently logged into the system. This function changes every second. Try refreshing the page to see new members online. Note: Members who do not log out will still show online. The system will automatically take the profile offline for inactivity after 90 minutes. 


Do you have a mobile app?

Our website is responsive, meaning you can use the full version on your mobile device and still have an enjoyable browser experience. You decide. Simply select "mobile" or "desktop" view from the home page when using your mobile device. The desktop view shows more options then the mobile view.

How do i get my picture in the search?

Go to "my profile" and select "main photo". This photo is the first impression photo and shown in the search results. To upload to your photo album, go to "my pictures". This is where all your photos are stored.

Why are my photos sideways?

It's the way you are holding the mobile phone when you take the picture. Try holding it at a different angle.

I'm having troubles uploading photos from my mobile?

Try the full view on your mobile. You should be able to take a selfie and upload it to your profile. Our mobile template is not compatible with all mobile devices, but we will be happy to upload (1) one main photo for you if you continue to have problems. You can send it to Please include your username.